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Don’t use WordPress Security Plugins


There are many WordPress security Plugins are available who claims let a plugin handle all of your security needs for your site yet most of these plugins degrade your site performance. The security plugins do the security at the cost of slow site.

Be careful approximately this  significant fact:  If  web site is too slow for people, people leave the site & won’t visit again.

These security plugins use .htaccess rules which cause the web server has extra load even for static .html files. Using too much .htaccess rules slow down your site & will use lot of server resources.  Using too much .htaccess rules with secures too much even you will not open it (lol).

So What we should need to do for site security?

The simplest & most affective way to secure your site is to use a strong admin username & password.  Don’t use usual password like password123, admin etc.

Renaim login page ican prevent bots from attempting to log into your site.  You can use “Rename wp-login.php” to alter the URL of your login page, then bots will have no idea where to go to even attempt logging in.  You can moreover name the login page anything you want by a setting in wp-admin (Settings > Permalinks > Login url) .

Don’t use Hacked/nulled Themes & plugins. Many nulled themes & plugin have security vulnerabilities & black whole which cause the attacker to take control of your site

So stay away from such nulled plugins & themes.

Always use upgraded Versions. Don’t leave your site unattended. Always upgrade your site with latest WordPress core & always use upgraded Plugins to prevent security vulnerabilities discovered in old versions.

Always use Secured Host who have proper firewall & mod_security configured at server. mod_security can prevent most attacks cause by security vulnerabilities in scripts.

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