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Keep Your Customers Happy


In Hosting business the customers cancel for all kinds of different reasons: price, service quality, product offerings, etc. There are as many reasons why customers cancel as there are stars in the sky.

As sales people & business owners, it is your job to obtain to the bottom of customer issues & should try “Keep Your Customers happy”. This 5 minutes of work can save a customer & keep more cash in your pocket.

Ask the following two questions to your customer:

1) Why are you canceling?

2) Is there anything I can do to keep you?

These two questions can make all the difference.

Let’s say John want to cancel his VPS. You open a ticket & ask then why he is cancelling, & if there is anything you can do to keep him. John responds back, telling you he wanted to obtain more RAM in their VPS yet it was too expensive. You let John know you would be pleased to donate him 20% off on purchase of extra RAM. John is pleased & you save a customer.

Experts say it is cheaper to keep a pleased customer then to obtain a new customer. The Host should always try to use are  available options to assist their customers & grow your business.